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748 - 916 - 998R - 996R

We produce Ducati 916 / 748 bodywork also the Ducati 998R / 996R race bodywork. Both models of Ducati fairings are a four piece set which comprises nose cone, two side panels and belly pan. You have the choice of ready to paint or high gloss polished bodywork, for race, track or road use. We can easily cut the head light holes for road use at no extra charge. There is a choice of top fairing, to suit larger volume air intake tubes, or standard air tubes, see photos below, tell us which you want.

The bellypan is the larger high volume, suitable for use with big bore pipes.

We have a range of colours available, Ducati red and Ducati yellow being the most popular. You can choose a single colour, or go for number panels which are also colour impregnated in the manufacturing process. You can choose different coloured panels, eg black belly pan with red or yellow panels, for the same price as the single coloured set.

All sets are complete with slot head fasteners.

Standard air vents 5cm recess - mesh 19 extra

Ducati_top_smallairvent.jpg (319292 bytes) Ducati_top_smallairventFront.jpg (232087 bytes)

Large bore air vents

DucatiLargeBoreAirvent.jpg (179038 bytes)

Side Stand
- The side stand cut out is optional on the 748 / 916 / 996 model, tell us if you need it or not. The 998R style panel is designed to use the side stand.

Mesh on front air intake vents - add 19.99.

Standard or 'Corse' screen - 54.95

DucatiCorseScreen.jpg (140393 bytes) DucatiScreen.jpg (182233 bytes)

Pack of 9 screen screws - 4.95

Ducati 916 Fairing Right side - Yellow with white panel

Adrian Pearmund's 748RRed with white panel and black belly pan

Ducati 998R Fairing Black with white panel

Ducati 916 Fairing Red with white panel and headlights cut out

Ducati 916 bodywork on bike

Seat Unit:
As for the fairings, we manufacture the seat unit for the 916 / 748 also the 998R / 996R. This product is suitable for both the mono and biposto model. You have the choice of a polished finish saving the time and cost of painting, or if you prefer it is available in unpolished, ready to paint.

The seat unit can be prepared to your specification for use on track or road. Just ask if you would like the rear lights cut, there is no extra charge. You can use it with your seat pad or use the stick on race foam, again just ask for the seat to be cut for use with the original pad.

For the 916 / 748 seat unit, gauze can be fitted over the vents if you wish at an additional 19.99

No fittings are included, to enable the use of the standard Ducati seat release mechanism we can fit a threaded component to the underside of the seat unit to fit your own Ducati seat catch. The single part for use with only the seat catch is 19.99

If you are using the rear lights, we have a combined compontent to fit the catch and the lights for 29.99

The threaded component and the Ducati catch part with the rubber stoppers (same as oem part from Ducati) 49.99 for the single and 59.99 combined.

Yellow / White 916 Seat 748 / 916 Seat with light cut outs 998R 996R Seat

Front Guard Only fits models with Ohlins forks

Ready to Paint High gloss includes all colours with Number Panels
Fairing 199 279 289
'V' Piece 40 49
Seat Unit 95 149 179
Guard (Ohlins Forks) 55 69
Stick on Seat Foam - ready cut to shape 15
UK mainland Set or Fairing Seat only
25 20

We can deliver worldwide, please contact us for prices.

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